letters: a series.


Dear Life, when you don’t let me sleep at night it makes me want to take drugs to go to sleep. Drugs are bad. I would appreciate some sleep. Love, Kate

Dear Christmas, I hate you. I know that’s not the Christian/American way and I am simply a terrible piece of humanity and a scrooge for even thinking such things–but Christmas, you stress me out something fierce. That’s not even fun. Love, Kate

Dear College, I still don’t miss you.

Dear Kate, You are a mess. You look a little homeless. It’s OK.

Dear Apathetic Christians, you say you love God, yet you also sit back and love sin and tolerate injustice. When did Jesus tolerate injustice? When did injustice not make Him angry?

Dear Aggressive Christians, You can’t tell someone to repent of their sin if they do not believe that God is good and just. You can tell someone who does not share your view of God all about their sin and they will hear hatred and intolerance and the message of a hateful God. How did Jesus talk to unbelievers? Check out His interactions with Zachaeus and the Samaritan woman at the well. He talked about their sin after gaining their interest and trust. He didn’t just dive in with the attack on their life.

Dear Christians, people might take us seriously if we had honesty AND tact. Basic social skills still apply to you. People also might take us seriously if they actually saw us out there doing something about injustice and not just churches full of apathetic people who get aggressive when the topic of gay marriage and gun control comes up.

Dear World, I am sorry that the majority of people who claim the name of Jesus Christ actually act nothing like Him.

Dear Everyone, What comes next?


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