re: where God has brought me

The beginning of my final semester of college.
Jesse asked me to be his girlfriend.  I told him no.
No idea what I was doing after graduation.

Continued to tell Jesse no.
Struggled with school.
Visited Ohio to meet some kids at their winter retreat for possible job that didn’t really interest me.

Said yes to Jesse.Said no to job in Ohio.

Said yes to job in Ohio.

May:Graduated college
Moved to Ohio

Wondered how in the world I got here.

Realized that I have come full circle but am a different person now and while I have a firmer grasp on who I am and who God is, I may have less direction than I had even a year ago.  I believe that one of God’s favorite things is to keep me guessing until I am actually uncomfortable and the wild thing is how easy it is to get me to the point of discomfort even though He has proven His worthiness over and over.  How many times have I thrown all of the options into the air only the catch the one I consider least desirable and drag my feet to follow it only to find that it is a thousand times more golden than what I originally thought I wanted.

A year ago my most favored option after graduating was moving to Dallas and working at a restaurant, getting involved in a Southern Baptist Church.  But here I am in Cleveland and I can’t imagine a better life for right now.

I have options in front of me.  Exciting adventures involving camping, conservation, marriage, Cleveland, youth, teaching, poetry, storytelling, and Indiana.  They’re in the air and soon one will be in my hand, on the table.  It might not be my favorite but it will be the one that God uses to show me Himself.


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