re: this week, a list

This week I:

Ate so much popcorn.

Had a nightmare about killer clowns.

Failed to convince the boy that he has eleven toes.

Wanted cilantro-lime rice.

Apologized to my cat by buying her a crinkly lobster.

Witnessed the most beautiful morning I have ever seen.  A pink and gold sunrise casting its pink glow onto everything, complimented by an enormous rainbow on my way to work.

Watched a really good film. (If you know me, you know that I don’t like most movies.)

Wore a shirt from high school.

Smelled some scented markers.

Washed scented marker off the boy’s face.

Drank tea with a friend.

No coffee.

Watched Jesse play video games.

Broke my water bottle.

Got an enormous thorn stuck in my tire.

Bought some books for the kids, but I will probably just end up keeping them.

Talked with the boy about someday when he won’t need a nanny anymore.

Cut the kids’ fingernails.

Thought that moving to Colorado would finally make me cool.

Met a dog.




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